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GLOBALink | Some western countries turn blind eyes to tremendous efforts Xinjiang has made: Xinjiang official

咪乐|直播|盒子   外表依然是那抹熟悉的红色,但进去一看,整个内部已经完全不一样——脚下是印满书籍的地表,左侧是一排透明的亚克力书架,整个墙面设计成为镂空的金属贴面,上面印制了和书籍相关的各类宣传、衍生产物。

"The United States and some western countries have turned blind eyes to the tremendous efforts Xinjiang has made in employment promotion for its people of all ethnic groups," Erkin Tuniyaz, vice-chairman of the regional government said at a video conference held in Geneva. #GLOBALink

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